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1 1993 Spring Summer Fall Winter
2 1994 Spring Summer Fall Winter
3 1995 Spring Summer Fall Winter
4 1996 Spring Summer Fall Winter
5 1997 Spring Summer Fall Winter
6 1998 Spring Summer Fall Winter
7 1999 Spring Summer Fall Winter
8 2000 Spring Simmer Fall Winter
9 2001 Spring Summer Fall Winter
10 2002 Spring Summer Fall Winter
11 2003 Spring Summer Fall Winter
12 2004 Spring Summer Fall Winter
13 2005 Spring Summer Fall Winter

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Year Season Title of Article Author
1994 Spring Hermetic Creed
1993 Winter A vision of the Christ "M"
1995 Summer The Adepts, our Brothers Abdill, Edward
2000 Winter Inner Reconciliation- The Psychological Approach Adalsteinsson, Einar
1997 Fall The Mystical Approach Adalsteinsson, Einar
1996 Summer The way of the Heart Adalsteinsson, Einar
1997 Winter Brain, Consciousness and Self Algeo, John
1994 Fall Cults, the Occult and Theosophy Algeo, John
1997 Fall The 3 Fundamental Propositions and their practical appl. Algeo, John
1996 Winter The Ancient Wisdom and the Information Superhighway Algeo, John
1995 Winter The moderns and the ancients on temperament Algeo, John
1993 Summer Theosophy- A Road in a Pathless Land Algeo, John
1995 Fall Theosophy in the 21st Century Algeo, John
1998 Summer Thinking and Being Thought Algeo, John
1996 Spring Will the Real H.P.Blavatsky- Please Stand Up? Algeo, John
1996 Fall Cosmic and Individual Responsibility Anderson, Mary
1998 Summer Genuine Masters and Pseudo-Gurus Anderson, Mary
1998 Fall Living- An Art and a Science Anderson, Mary
2000 Winter Transformation Anderson, Mary
1997 Spring What is Theosophy Anderson, Mary
1993 Winter I am Music Anon
1998 Winter Service Anonymous
1998 Spring H.P.B. Speaks Arundale, George S.
2000 Winter Reflections on "The Secret Doctrine" Arundale, George S.
1997 Winter The Grail of Motherhood Arundale, George S.
1993 Winter The Spiritual Power that is Happiness Arundale, George S.
2000 Fall What Officers does a Lodge of the Theosophical need? Arundale, George S.
1999 Summer The Spiritual Rulers and War Assanga, Arya
1998 Spring Theosophical search for Truth Barton, Peter
1995 Spring Some books that interested Madame Blavatsky Beechey, Katherine A.
1993 Winter H.P.B. As I knew her Besant, Annie
1995 Summer Unveiled Spiritual perception Beusekom, Hein Van
1998 Winter Devotion through Spiritual Knowledge Bhagavad Gita
1997 Spring Brotherhood Blavatsky, H.P.
1993 Fall Genius Blavatsky, H.P.
2000 Spring Is creation possible for man Blavatsky, H.P.
1994 Summer Is Suicide a Crime Blavatsky, H.P.
1997 Spring Mistaken Notions of the "Secret Doctrine" Blavatsky, H.P.
1998 Winter Morality: Right and Wrong Blavatsky, H.P.
1999 Winter Spiritual Authority Blavatsky, H.P.
1998 Spring Spiritual Progress Blavatsky, H.P.
2000 Fall The Dual aspect of Wisdom Blavatsky, H.P.
2000 Winter The Fall of Ideals Blavatsky, H.P.
1999 Spring The Great Beast and the Number 666 Blavatsky, H.P.
1998 Spring The New Cycle Blavatsky, H.P.
2000 Winter The number Seven Blavatsky, H.P.
1999 Spring The Roots of ritualism in Church and Masonry Blavatsky, H.P.
2000 Spring The Science of Life Blavatsky, H.P.
1997 Spring What is Truth Blavatsky, H.P.
2000 Spring Why do we not remember our past lives Blavatsky, H.P.
1999 Spring Writing "Isis Unveiled" Blavatsky, H.P.
1999 Spring Hate Brooks, Richard W.
2000 Winter Theosophy and Science Brooks, Richard W.
1994 Spring Grant this one desire Brose, Robert
1996 Fall A challenge to Compassionate Action Burnier, Radha
1994 Spring Brotherhood and Freedom Burnier, Radha
1996 Spring Current issues and the Theosophical Society Burnier, Radha
1995 Summer Human regeneration- interview Burnier, Radha
1997 Spring Law and Love Burnier, Radha
1993 Summer New Light on Old Ideas Burnier, Radha
2000 Fall Religion and Culture Burnier, Radha
1998 Fall Religion of Beauty Burnier, Radha
1995 Spring T.S. Work and the Fundamental Changes in Man Burnier, Radha
1997 Fall The Challenge of Life Burnier, Radha
1996 Winter The Meditative Life Burnier, Radha
2000 Winter The Next Step Burnier, Radha
1998 Spring The Power of Wisdom Burnier, Radha
1997 Summer The Source of Spiritual Energy Burnier, Radha
1997 Winter To live is to die Burnier, Radha
1995 Winter Towards a Wise Mind and a Noble Society Burnier, Radha
1993 Spring Yoga:Discovery of Wholeness Burnier, Radha
1999 Winter Questions and Answers Burnier, Radha & Joy Mills
1995 Fall Human regeneration Burnier,Radha
1996 Fall Visions of God: A Masonic perspective Carter, Philip
1999 Spring Awareness: The Source of Joy Chalan, V.V.
1997 Fall Truth is What is Chari, Ahylya
1998 Fall The Magic Circle Citroen, Carin
1999 Fall The pseudo-occultism of Alice Bailey Cleather, Alice & B.Crump
1999 Spring Comments on "The Voice of the Silence" Codd, Clara M.
1996 Winter His Will is Our Peace Codd, Clara M.
1994 Summer Love, human and Divine Codd, Clara M.
2000 Fall Pain: The Awakener of Consciousness Codd, Clara M.
1997 Fall The Blessedness of growing old Codd, Clara M.
1995 Fall The return of the Magi Codd, Clara M.
1994 Spring The Secret of Sin and Suffering Codd, Clara M.
2000 Summer The Technique of the Spiritual Life Codd, Clara M.
1998 Summer The Golden Stairs Cook, Sidney
1999 Fall The Swastika Coon, Arthur M.
1997 Fall Letter to Carl H.Hartmann Damodar
1996 Spring The Theosophical Order of Service Douglas, Stanley
1996 Summer The Theosophical Order of Service Douglas, Stanley
1995 Fall Where are we going Douglas, Stanley
1999 Fall Jesus is not God and Christ is not a person Duguay, George
1997 Summer The Spiritual and the Pilgrim Duzevith, Noel
1996 Spring Origins Farthing, Geoffrey
1995 Winter Spiritual development Farthing, Geoffrey
2000 Winter The Theosophical Society as the Cornerstone of the Future Religions of Humanity Farthing, Geoffrey
2000 Spring Why study theosophy Farthing, Geoffrey
2000 Fall Gerald Massey: A man of many talents Ferguson, Siby
1999 Spring Fallen Angels From: Devas and Men
1998 Spring Spiritual Creativity Furuta, Hikotaro
1996 Winter Making Theosophy Practical Gardner, David
1999 Summer Thyself: Both Heaven and Hell Gardner, E.L.
1999 Summer Sensuality and Spirituality Gartfield, Wayne
1997 Fall Nature Goethe
1995 Fall Towards a theosophical experience of one's own Gordon, John
1993 Winter Walk off the Stage Green, Gary Gordon
2000 Spring Melchizedek Grumbine, J.C.
1995 Winter Some notes and thoughts on Spiritual Music Halpern, Steven
1995 Winter A pure Heart Hanson, Virginia
2000 Fall The Mahatma Letters-
Today's encounter with the wisdom of the ages
Hanson, Virginia
1995 Spring The Three fundamental propositions Hanson, Virginia
1999 Spring A Yoga of Light Hodson, Geoffrey
1999 Winter The Reincarnating Self of Man: A study Hodson, Geoffrey
1997 Winter Theosophy as experience Hoeller, Stephan
1996 Fall How long is a piece of string Hoskins, Ianthe
1998 Summer Some notes on Karma Hoskins, Ianthe
1993 Winter The Transmission of Theosophy Hoskins, Ianthe
1999 Spring Meetings and meetings Humphreys, Christmas
1993 Spring Tibetan Buddhism and the Mahatma Letters Humphreys, Christmas
2000 Fall Thoughts upon thinking Jackson, Ernest W.
1994 Spring The Unity of Life Jackson, Hugh B.
1997 Summer Purposeful Living Jamieson, Conrad
1998 Winter Personal and Impersonal God Jinarajadasa, C.
2000 Summer The Gods in Chains Jinarajadasa, C.
1999 Winter The Maha Chohan's Letter and Commentaries by Jinarajadasa, C.
2000 Spring The power of the archetype Jinarajadasa, C.
1998 Summer Theosophy generally stated Judge, William Q.
1996 Fall Universal Brotherhood and admission of members Judge, William Q.
1994 Winter Focus on Environment Keifer, Susan
1997 Winter Sufism Khan, Abkar M.
1995 Summer A Walk Krishnamurti, J.
1995 Spring Pathless Reality Krishnamurti,J.
2000 Spring Easter: Birthday of the Gods Kuhn, Alvin Boyd
1997 Fall Hallowe'en: A festival of Lost Meanings Kuhn, Alvin Boyd
1998 Winter Yule and Noel: The Saga of Christmas Kuhn, Alvin Boyd
2000 Summer The Dweller on the Threshold Lytton, Sir Edward Bulwer
1999 Spring A body of the highest spiritual importance Mahatma Letters
1997 Spring Some words on Daily Life Master of Wisdom
1999 Spring The best food for man Mavalankar, Damodar K.
1999 Summer A measure of what Theosophy means to me Mead, G.R.S.
1999 Winter Pride and Dignity Mehta, Rohit
1996 Fall The Three Objects Mehta, Rohit
1998 Fall Spirituality: What it is and What it is not Miller, Jeanine
1998 Summer Images of Life, Death and Transformation Mills, Joy
1993 Spring Path of Brotherhood Mills, Joy
1994 Fall The Courage of Commitment Mills, Joy
1996 Winter The extraordinary Nature of the Ordinary Mind Mills, Joy
1996 Spring The Living H.P.B. Mills, Joy
1998 Fall The purpose of the Society's objects Mills, Joy
2000 Fall The purpose of the Society's objects Mills, Joy
1997 Spring The Search of the Timeless Mills, Joy
1998 Spring The Symbolic Path to inner transformation Mills, Joy
1997 Summer The Universal Invocation Mills, Joy
2000 Fall Theosophy in Action Mitchell, Roy
2000 Fall The Middle Path of Theosophy Mullik, B.R.
1994 Spring The Evolving Universe- H.P.Blavatsky and the Big Bag Murdoch, Hugh
1993 Summer Incentive Nairn,Betty
1997 Winter Awakening to relationship and responsibility Narayan, Surendra
1994 Winter Closeness and Distance Narayan, Surendra
1996 Fall On the Watch Tower Narayan, Surendra
1995 Summer On the Watchtower Narayan, Surendra
1995 Fall A re-examination of "The hidden side of lodge meetings" Newbold, Mark
1994 Fall Shamanism: An expanded View of Reality Nicholson, Shirley
1998 Summer Who am I? What does it mean to be human Nicholson, Shirley
1998 Fall Address to New Members Olcott, H.S.
1998 Winter Asceticism Olcott, H.S.
2000 Fall The Source and Value of the "Mysteries" Olcott, H.S.
1995 Winter The call to a deeper change Oliveira, Pedro R.M. De
1996 Winter Right Values, Right Means, Right Citizenship Oliveira, Pedro
1996 Summer Tribute to Krishnamurti Patel, Rajni
1998 Fall An Era of Challenger Pearson, E. Norman
1996 Winter Kama Manas Pearson, Ian B.
1994 Winter Sir Edwin Arnod: Poet and Occultist Peebles, Marjorie
1994 Summer Our Great task in art Perkins, James S. Jr.
1997 Fall Learn to Live to Love Perry, Alan
1997 Winter The good, beautiful and true in Greek Philosophy Pittis,Yannis
1996 Fall The Life and Teachings of the Buddha Price, Joan
1997 Summer "At the Feet of the Master" Ramrajkar, Naftaly
1993 Summer About Meditation Ramrajkar, Naftaly
1993 Spring Atma-Monad Ramrajkar, Naftaly
1997 Fall Citti Vritti Nirodha Ramrajkar, Naftaly
1995 Summer The Three Elemental Kingdoms Ramrajkar, Naftaly
1994 Winter The Three Outpouring Ramrajkar, Naftaly
1993 Summer My Law Ranapiri,Tieme
1999 Fall The Ethics of the Secret Doctrine Ransom, Sidney
1998 Summer Paul Gaugin's vision after the sermon: A theosophical interpretation Reigier, K.J
1998 Spring Seeing through Our Heart Ritsema, Ali
1998 Winter Some notes on the Bhagavad Gita Row, T. Subba
1993 Fall Space: The All-embracing container Sabetay, Hermine
1998 Fall The Great Mystery of the Egg Sabetay, Hermine
1996 Winter Alexander Scriabin and Theosophy Senior, Alan
1999 Winter Beauty in Music today Senior, Alan
1997 Summer The remarkable Life of Maud McCarthy Senior, Alan
1994 Summer The Sacred Tree- more than a Symbol Senior, Alan
1999 Winter Lamp in a windless place Shearman, Hugh
1997 Winter Occult status Shearman, Hugh
1995 Spring On joining an Occult Body Shearman, Hugh
1995 Fall The tragic Paradox Shearman, Hugh
1996 Summer Thinking about Reincarnation Shearman, Hugh
2000 Winter Time and the Troubled Mind Shearman, Hugh
1999 Summer Youth is an Eternal Fact Simons, Emogene S.
1996 Spring H.P.Blavatsky said Smith, Kate (London)
2000 Winter A Persian Rosary Sohrab, Mizra Ahmed
1993 Winter Despair and Hope Spence, S.E.
1993 Winter A Blessing unto All Sri Ram, N.
2000 Summer Death and its meaning Sri Ram, N.
1996 Summer Initiation Sri Ram, N.
1997 Spring Living and Thinking Sri Ram, N.
1998 Fall The Ancient Wisdom from the Modern Standpoint Sri Ram, N.
2000 Fall The Occult Path Sri Ram, N.
1998 Spring White Lotus Day Sri Ram, N.
1995 Spring Art in search for Truth Stakesby-Lewis, Eleanor
1995 Fall Art in the search for truth Stakesby-Lewis, Eleanor
1999 Spring H.P.B. Stakesby-Lewis, Eleanor
1999 Spring Theosophy and Christianity T.S. In America
2000 Winter The Concept of Planes and Vehicles Taimni, I.K.
1993 Fall The Two Paths Taimni, I.K.
1994 Fall The Work of a School of the Wisdom Taimni, I.K.
1993 Winter Spirits in Prison Taylor, Nell C.
1996 Summer Testimony of True Understanding Tran-Thi-Kim-Dieu
1997 Spring The foundations of Atma-Vidya Tran-Thi-Kim-Dieu
1995 Spring The seamless garment of Brotherhood Tripet, Georges
1999 Summer Wars of Liberation of the Human Spirit Veale, Helen
1996 Fall Ethics and Morality- Foundation of a Noble Society Vora, Bhupendra R.
1999 Fall The Inner Ruler Wadia, B.P.
1995 Summer Are we Conscious after death Warcup, Adam
1999 Fall Theosophy is everything- but everything is not theosophy Warcup, Adam
1994 Spring Lines Written in Early Spring Wordworth, Williams
1995 Winter Theory and Practice in Holistic Healing Worthington, Roger P.
1997 Fall Security: What is it, and do we Really need it Worthington, Roger P.
1997 Summer Tibetan Medicine Worthington, Roger P.
1994 Winter Reincarnation Wright, Leoline L.